Key Personnel

Core technologies
The Dataweaver team can offer a full range of capabilities encompassing Omnis, Qlikview, Unix scripting, Java, Javascript, PHP, C, Joomla, SQL (Sybase/SQL Server/Oracle/Postgres/MySQL).

Gavin Foster: Managing Director
Has worked in the City of London for 21 years for one of the largest and most successful global investment banks. Led all phases of a highly successful MIS from conception to release and throughout production support and multiple enhancements and upgrades.

Nick Harris: Technical Lead
Nick is one of the original founders of the global Omnis technical conference Euromnis and now works for Dataweaver, on core product development.

Jason Moteane: Head of Development
Jason has worked for Dataweaver since 2005, supporting, maintaining and enhancing the MIS referred to above as well as core development of Dataweaver reporting tool.

Benjamin Wright
Ben has strong all round project management skills in addition to technical skills learnt from years of working for corporate clients and on UK government projects.

Craig Anderson
Craig brings a wealth of experience in the SME sector, having worked developed Omnis applications for a multitude of clients for 15 years.