Custom reports, quickly and easily

Dataweaver has developed innovative tools that allow you to create custom reports quickly and easily, bringing together data from disparate sources and databases. Once you’ve decided what information you want to include in the report and the required level of detail it’s a matter of just a click or two to create the report. Wait for a minute or two, and your report is ready. It really is as easy as that.

The technology

  • Microsoft Windows interface
  • Results can be pulled into Excel with dynamic updates
  • All common databases supported (SQL, Sybase, Oracle)
  • Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Small footprint

The benefits

Are you happy with fixed format reports? We wouldn’t be!

Do you need to get changes to your reports approved? Wouldn’t it better to be able to do that with just a couple of clicks?

  • Flexibility – decide how you want your report to look and the level of detail that suits you – it’s your choice
  • Control – you’re a couple of clicks away from that perfect report
  • Fast implementation – Dataweaver can be up and running in just a day
  • Speed – reports on even large databases (24 million rows) take seconds
  • Transparency – you don’t have to understand the underlying data structure, Dataweaver will do it for you
  • Time – free up your IT staff for other tasks